The Little White Dress

An Embroidered Regency Dress with a Pink Silk Spencer, c. 1818

Spencer Construction

The gathering on the puffed sleeves. Each teardrop shape is piped and there's a straight line of gathering stitches from the teardrop to the top of the sleeve. That's pulled up and ribbon is sewn to the top of the sleeve and just on the inside of the teardrop to make it look like the ribbon is doing the work.

The left side shows the ribbon being pulled away on top.The right side shows the underside.

The band being sewn to the bottom of the sleeve. There's a row of piping between the sleeve fabric and the band. This can be seen once the band is folded down in the picture on the right. The band was then folded under and hemmed closed. The bottoms of the teardrop shapes are basted together before the band is put on.

On the left, the sleeve band is in the process of being turned. On the right, the puffed sleeve has been gathered at top to fit the top of the undersleeve. Both sleeves were sewn in as if they were one.

In progress pictures of the spencer.

More progress pictures-it's only missing the belt!

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