The Regency and the Rest of the High-Waisted Era

c. 1790-1820


1790s Transitional Stays
My c1820 Ball Gown Bodice
My 1820 Ball Gown Bodice Reproduction Page
A Half-Robe from Costume in Detail
c. 1820-1840 Corset
c. 1820-1840 Corset Reproduction and Pattern
A c. 1818 Corded Corset Reproduction
Regency Underthings-Bodiced Petticoat, Shift, and Pantalettes
An Embroidered Day Dress and Pink Silk Spencer
A Turn of the Century Riding Habit
A Blue and White Ball Gown
A Necklace for the Blue and White Ball Gown
An Embroidered Drop-Front Dress from the V&A
A Red Silk Bonnet


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