A Regency Corded Corset

The corded corset worn under my embroidered Regency dress. It's made from the same pattern as my 1820-1840 corset. It's 2 layers of linen between two layers of cotton sateen, corded with Sugar and Cream crochet cotton, embroidered with silk buttonhole twist and bound with linen tape. The only boning is in the center back seams. The front has a pocket for a wooden busk. The busk is removable through the eyelet holes at the bottom. The corset is sewn entirely by hand.

A full view and a back view. The back currently has German plastic boning, which I should change to steel boning because it bends a little. Fortunately, that doesn't affect how the corset works :)

Along with the corded petticoat, I wore the corset on Sunday at Costume Con 23. It was rather fun to go around fully dressed, but in underwear :)

Thanks to Jack Krolak for the Costume Con photos!

Details of the cording. On the left, the center front panel and busk, on the right, the side panel.

The busk pocket.

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