My Costumes

A Flickr Collection of all my costumes since my last update

Since I'm quite bad about updating my site, I've decided to include this collection of my costumes.

Pre 1700

A Gable Hood

Chemise a la Reine

1780s Silk Taffeta Stays

Janet Arnold Polonaise

A Jacket from Costume Close-Up

A Round Gown from Fitting and Proper

A Dress From 1770

An Eighteenth Century Hat

A 1780s Blue Printed Cotton Gown

The 1770s Striped Not a Polonaise

Making an 18th Century Petticoat


A Turn of the Century Riding Habit

My 1820 Ball Gown Bodice Reproduction Page

A Half-Robe from Costume in Detail

c. 1820-1840 Corset Reproduction and Pattern

c. 1818 Corded Corset Reproduction

A Bodiced Petticoat, Shift, and Pantalettes

An Embroidered Regency Dress and Spencer

1790s Transitional Stays

A Blue and White Ball Gown

A Necklace for the Blue and White Ball Gown

An Embroidered Drop-Front Dress from the V&A

A Red Silk Bonnet

Science Fiction and Fantasy

A Sheer 1860s Dress

An 1855 Ball Gown for the Eugenie Project

An 1862 Ball Gown for the Mourning of Prince Albert

My 1869 Evening Dress based on a dress in the V&A

An 1863 Red Quilted Corset

A Narrow-Wire Cage Crinoline

An Elliptical Hoop

My Corded Petticoat

My 1840 Day Dress

1863 Day Dress 

An 1880s Ball Gown Inspired by Worth

An 1880s Pink and Green Bustle Dress

A Pink Bustle

An Edwardian Corset from Period Costume For Stage and Screen

1880s Day and Evening Bustle Dress

An 1870 or 1874 Pink Ball Gown

An Early Bustle Summer Dress

A Middy Blouse and Pleated Skirt

A 1911 Corset from Corsets and Crinolines

A 1921 Vionnet Dress

Padme's Aqua Georgette dress from Star Wars Episode III

Eowyn's Shieldmaiden Dress from The Two Towers

Eowyn's Travelling Coat

Eowyn's White Wool Dress

My Starter Pieces-From When I Was Just Learning!

Regency Underthings

A Drop-Front dress from Patterns of Fashion

My Basic, White Regency Dress

My 1860s Ballgown

My Hairpiece

Mid Nineteenth Century Undergarments

Mid Nineteenth Century Undergarments, Take Two

Russian Court Dress

Padme's Picnic Dress from Star Wars Episode II

Eowyn's Refugee Dress from The Two Towers

My First 18th Century Stays

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