The Little White Dress

An Embroidered Regency Dress with a Pink Silk Spencer, c. 1818


A view of what goes beneath the skirt and a detail of the embroidery. I've since added lace to the pantalettes. The cords in the petticoat give the dress just enough support. The embroidery pattern comes from several different designs. The flowers in the hemline are close to those in the hemline of a dress in an Italian fashion plate and the embroidery up the middle uses a similar flower with circular designs similar to a dress in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Close-ups of the spencer. The pink ribbons aren't holding the puffs in place. Instead, gathering stitches pull the puffs up, and the ribbons are just tacked inside. This is the same way the puffs are done on my Regency ballgown bodice.

The neckline, showing the underside of the whipped gathers and the hem. The scallops on the hem are finished with buttonhole stitches.

The cuff ends in scallops like the hem. The tucks and scallops are both based on an original dress sold on eBay. The reticule is embroidered in tambour embroidery and French knots and shows two cats looking at a tree. The circles of French knots and cording around the edge are based on an orignal reticule sold on eBay.

The outstretched arm on the spencer.

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