The Little White Dress

An Embroidered Regency Dress with a Pink Silk Spencer, c. 1818

Dress Construction

The embroidery designs for the hem and front. The petals and leaves were done in satin stitch, the stems in tambour, the circle shapes around the flowers in two rows of tambour stitch and the circle in the center was done in French knots. These pictures aren't to scale, in reality, the flowers were the same size in both the hem and front embroidery.

An overall view of the back of the skirt with the embroidery finished and of the design on the hem.

The design of the reticule, drawn in blue water soluble pen and ready to be embroidered. The cats and tree trunk are done in tambour. The eyes, grape-like things and circles are French knots and the whiskers, mouths and ear details are straight stitches.

The Dress and Spencer
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