The Bodice, Part Four

The bodice is finished!  It just needs to be pressed, a few seams need to be finished and I have to unpick the cording in front and adjust the gauze because it puckers a little, (NEVER cut material that stretchy on the bias!  Even if your original dress was cut on the bias!) but I'm going to wait till the skirt is attached so I can see how that affects the pull.  Otherwise I'd probably end up doing it again :)

The bodice from the front

The bodice from the back.  It fits me a little more smoothly than it does the dressform, but you can still get a good idea

And a side back view

A detail of how I bound the sleeves.  I just sewed the bias tape down on one side, then slip stitched it down on the other. It's very easy and gives beautiful results. I used store bought bias tape which was even easier.  (I usually make my own bias tape.)

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