Eowyn's White Wool Dress

My version of the White Wool Dress, from the front and the back. My only back picture is beltless and taken with a self-timer, but it's still the back, right? The dress is made of eggshell wool crepe from Fashion Fabrics Club. It's lined with China silk from Dharma Trading Co.. The sleeve lining is jacquard from Denver Fabrics.

A windy day at Costume Con seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a few good pictures of how the dress moves. In the picture on the left, you can just see the undersleeve peeking out. You can see the full shape of the sleeve on the right.

The day, however, was a little windier than I expected it to be. The fullness of the dress caught the wind and before it could blow me over, I jumped. You can see the undersleeve in this picture as well.

My Dress
The Belt and Embroidery
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