Godey's Lady's Book, September 1868

Description of Extension Sheet.  Second Side.

Fig. 1.-Fichu of black silk, trimmed with points of black satin, headed by a satin plait.  This fichu can be worn with a colored dress, or can be made of the same material as the dress if desired. 

Fig. 2.-This corselet is made of black silk braid, one-fifth of an inch wide, edged with Vandykes on either side and ornamented with bugles.  The waistband and lappets are formed of black watered silk ribbon, one and a half inch wide, ornamented with beads and bugles.  Cut out a good pattern in stiff muslin for the corselet, and sew on the braid in diamonds, as seen in the illustration.  The waistband fastens under a rosette of silk, bugles and beads.  The lappets are seven in number on either side; they are crossed and completed at the bottom with jet grelots.  Similar grelots are sewn on all round the waistband. 

Fig. 3.-Low muslin waist, with braces; the braces and sleeves are made of embroidered insertion and lace edging. 

Fig. 4.-Veil for hat. 

Fig. 5.-Letter for marking. 

Fig. 6. Chignon composed of sixteen puffs.  The hair is rolled in one puff in front, with small curls falling from under it. 

Fig. 7.  Chignon of puffs, the upper one being drawn through a comb.  Hair rolled up high in front, and puffed over the head to meet the chignon. 

Fig. 8.-Hat of black spotted lace, trimmed with a scarf of the same, fastened in front by a bunch of pink roses.  The scarf is fastened in the back by a steel ornament; the ends are then brought forward, and fastened under the chin with a bunch of roses and leaves.

Fig. 9.-Bonnet of English straw, with pointed diadem, bound with black velvet and edged with lace.  A black lace barbe is made into a bow at the back, the ends falling over the chignon; a small rosette of pink ribbon is above this.  Rosettes of pink ribbon at the sides, from whence the strings fall.  Pink roses and leaves across the brim.

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