My Civil War Ballgown


At last!  My completed dress!  I didn't notice until too late that the petticoat showed under the skirt.  Oops.  I'll have to fix that (and perhaps doctor the picture once I learn that feature in Adobe Photoshop Elements).  This picture was taken before chaperoning the middle school Halloween Dance.  I wore my 1863 Dress during the day and changed for the "ball."  I also wore a hairpiece to add to the look. Very Fun :)


Front and back views taken around midnight, after a long night of sewing.  The corset is a little loose in the back picture, normally there isn't such a large gap in the back of the bodice.  You can clearly see how the back of the skirt is gauged in this picture.  That's about 40 inches of fabric in that little 2" area.  The fabric, a pink and green changeable silk taffeta, is affectionately known as "trout colored."


This picture is a little dark, but I love the way the skirt looks in it!



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