What I Used

The newly dyed silk dupioni drying on the shower.

The Corset

1/2 Yard Silk Dupioni from Designer Fabrics Online

1 meter Semi-Stiff Coutil, steel bones and lacing from Farthingales

16mm key rings from Michael's

Cotton Sateen from Joann, etc


Left: The fabric for the corset (silk dupioni) and cape (silk organza).  The top two are swatches that I dyed, the bottom two are undyed (obviously!)  I was very worried about how the fabric would dye and am very pleased with the way it turned out. (Click for a bigger image)

Right: The lacing rings.  Of course, several weeks after I finished the corset I found brass rings at Joann.  They were in the second curtain section.  Who knew they had two curtain supply sections?  Of course, I looked at about 20 stores online/in town.  Joann was of course the first place I looked.  Sigh.

The Chemise and Skirt

One bolt of silk chiffon (13.2 yards) and 7 yards of cotton voile from the Dharma Trading Co.

The Cape

1 yard embroidered organza from Designer Fabrics Online


Rit Dye in Yellow (corset)

Rit Dye in Golden Yellow (rest of dress)


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