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Find a site you were interested in somewhere on my page but can't remember where?  Well, all of my links are here as well.  Or, they should all be here at least.  These are all sources that I personally have used!


Harper House-Excellent pattern source.  They don't have much online, but they have a huge catalog.  They also have Jean Hunisett's Period Costume for Stage and Screen, which appears to be out of print.  Fast service too!

Dharma Trading Company-A huge selection of fabrics at wonderful prices.  They're all white, but if I can dye fabric, you can too.

Sense and Sensibility-Very pretty patterns.  Be sure to check out the message board as well, I've been helped out quite a bit there!

Truly Victorian-Gorgeous, easy to use patterns that come in my size!!!

Laughing Moon Mercantile-I love their corset pattern!  It was so easy to make!

Farmhouse Fabrics-Fast service and friendly too!

Ginsco Trims-A wonderful selection of trims!

White Fox Trading Company-Beautiful printed fabrics that I will order one day!  I used their batiste in my white Regency dress.  I read on a mailing list that they're "folding the business for now."  I'm leaving the link up in hope that it just is for now!, I haven't used this site, but I've heard enough good about it to recommend it anyway.  I will order from there someday!

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion-Excellent site.  Finding this site got me into sewing in the first place!

The Costume Gallery-An excellent resource, including pictures, articles, just about anything you can imagine.  Also, the Costume Classroom offers online sewing classes.  While I've never taken one, I've heard only glowing reviews and they look very interesting. stunning original dresses! Be sure to take a look!

E-bay-I'm sure you've heard of this, but I couldn't leave Ebay out.  I'm addicted.  Also, I bought my 1820 Bodice here.

Grannd Garb-I've ordered from here several times.  I've had a few problems, but they were always resolved quickly, and there was a good reason for each one!  I'm just not very lucky sometimes :)

The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild-Overall excellent site

Elizabeth Stewart Clark-Excellent Civil War site.  Her Dressmaker's Guide to Fit and Fashion is very easy to use and applicable to other eras as well.  I used the instructions to fit the La Mode Bagatelle Regency dress, which needed a lot of sizing indeed!

Originals By Kay-I bought my hoop kit here.  Great information and more!

The Regency Fashion Page-If you like the Regency, don't miss this site!

Corsets and Crinolines-An excellent resource for historic costume.  Be sure to check out the timeline, it's full of original clothing.  You can also join the Corsets and Crinolines Yahoo Group.

Lunaelbia-Be sure to visit Alaina Zulli's site, it's full of interesting information, including photographs, information from fashion magazines and information about reenacting. 

Designer Fabrics Online-I bought my picnic dress fabric here.  They have a huge selection of stunning fabrics.

Baltazor Fabrics-Beautiful fabrics.  I bought a gorgeous gold brocade here for the picnic dress before I found the close to the original fabric at Designer Fabrics Online.  I'll definitely buy from here again!

Farthingales-Corset supplies and great information on period costume.  Their boning is excellent, it's thicker and stronger than what I've seen elsewhere!

Historically Dressed-Fashion plates, book reviews, pattern reviews, dress diaries, movie reviews, in other words, everything that makes a great costume page!

mdb costuming-Michaela de Bruce is an AMAZINGLY talented costumer. A wonderful site!

The Web Page of Jenny-la-Fleur-Visit to see Jenny Rose's stunning dresses!!!

Across the Ages-A great resouce including fashion plates, pattern reviews and book reviews...

Christine's Costume Page-An amazing collection of fashion information from the Victorian era to the 1960s!

The World of Bubbles Brnaid-Something completely different, Hi Bubbles!

Kathleen Strelow-Another complete change of pace, the site for my friend Kathy's new book...

I think that's all for now!  I'm sure I'll be adding more later...


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