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OVER a slip of pink satin, a crape dress of the same colour, trimmed at the border, with crape bouillone'; the fullness confined at intervals by a strap formed of one satin rouleau, and entwined by ornament, en serpentine, consisting of several very narrow satin rouleaux placed close together.  The body made plain, and very low, particularly at the shoulders, with a falling ornament, in points, of crape, edged with narrow blond on a bias binding of satin, according to fancy.  The hair, simply and elegantly arranged, in light and easy curls on each side of the face, and ornamented with puffs of pink and silver, or pink and white gauze riband: ear-pendants or pear pearls.  An elegant evening scarf of Ispahan gauze is added.  A reticule is generally carried with the dress, of velvet, of a rich colour, embroidered and ornamented with gold.


A high dress of milk-chocolate-coloured gros de Naples, with one deep flounce round the border.  Fichu-robings are placed at the back of the corsage, and form a stomacher in front; they are cleft at the shoulders: the sleeves are 'a la Mameluke, confined at the wrist en bouillon. The throat is surrounded by a Bouffant ruff, of clear, stiffened net.  The hat worn with this dress is either of spring-green, or of ethereal-blue satin, according to the fancy of the wearer.  Strings, the same colour as the hat, float loose, and a few bows of riband ornament the crown; across which is a branch of full-blown early tulips.



 Modes de Paris


A dress of celestial-blue satin bordered with branches of embossed foliage of the same colour, and this border headed by a narrow rouleau.  The corsage 'a la Sevigne', with short sleeves, to which are affixed those which are long, of crepe-aerophane, 'a la Mameluke, confined at the wrists by bracelets of blue and gold enamel.  White turbans 'a la Psyche, ornamented with the flower called monks-hood and a bird-of-paradise plume, on the right side.  Diamond necklace and ear-rings.  Very long and broad lappets of blond, depend from each side of the turban.


A pelisse of gros de Naples, the colour of Parma-violet, ornamented at the border with a broad hem, on which is embroidery in floize silk, about three shades darker than the pelisse: the hem is also surmounted by a row of embroidery, in a pattern of vine-leaves.  A pelerine is worn round the shoulders, edged with a frill, and the throat encircled by a double ruff of blond.  A belt surrounds the waist, of velvet or satin, the same colour as the pelisse.  The hat is of satin, the colour 'eminence; trimmed with a riband of the same colour, and with white blond.




A DRESS of gros de Naples, the colour of the marshmellow-blossom, with one deep flounce round the border of the skirt, headed by Vandyck points in narrow rouleaux. The body made high, and quite plain, with sleeves en gigot, confined at the wrist by broad bracelets of gold.  A broad collar of fine muslin, trimmed round by a double frill of lace, falls over the shoulders from the throat, and is fastened in front by a bow and ends of blue riband.  A bonnet is worn with this dress of ethereal-blue gros de Naples, with ornaments of the same, and pink ribands.  A mentonniere' of blond fastens the bonnet under the chin.


A dress of amber-coloured satin, trimmed at the border with an embossed Greek ornament in divided notches, each square finished by a narrow ruche of white blond.  The body, 'a la Roselane, made low, with a paladin cape-collar, notched to answer the ornament on the border, and trimmed also round by a narrow ruche of white blond.  The hair arranged 'a la Grecque, on the summit of the head, and in the fantasia style in front; a bandeau next to the face on one side, and light curls on the other.  A bourrelet of hair is placed over these, obliquely across the head, entwined with pearls, and the Greek fusee, on the summit, is also surrounded by strings of pearls, interspersed with full-blown roses.  The ear-pendants are of pear-pearls.


Modes De Paris


A dress of violet-coloured satin, with a deep flounce of white blond, headed by gold cordon, with bows and tassels of the same.  The body made plain, with a double falling tucker of blond surrounding the bust, headed by a gold cordon.  The sleeves of white tulle or gauze, 'a la Mameluke, confined at the wrists by bracelets of gold and green enamel.  Mancherons surmount the sleeves, of violet-coloured satin, edged by narrow blond.  A black satin dress hat constitutes the head-dress, with a white feather under the brim, on the right side, and crowned by white plumage.  The crown of the hat is encircled by a gold cordon, from with two gold tassels depend on each side.


A dress of celestial-blue figured gauze over white satin; the dress finished round the border by a broad hem, headed by a row of foliage in blue satin, each leaf edged round by narrow white blond.  The body plain, fitting tight to the shape, with a broad white satin belt, in the centre of which, in front, is a Cameo head in medallion, set round with gold.  The tucker part of the body is surrounded by a cleft ornament, edged round by narrow blond; and a chemisette-tucker of fine blond net draws up nearly as high as the throat.  The sleeves are 'a la Mameluke, confined at the wrist with a broad bracelet, fastened by a brooch with a Cameo head.  The turban is of gauze, the colour feuille-morte, with a bird-of-paradise plume.  The ear-pendants are of pearls.



A DRESS of pink gros de Naples, with two broad, fluted flounces; these flounces are so set on, as to form scalops at the head, where they are finished with a narrow rouleau.  The body is made plain and low, with a paladin collar, edged by narrow blond.  The hair is very lightly arranged, and the curls, not so exuberant around the face as they were worn some months back.  Two ornamental combs, placed lengthwise, grace the back part of the summit of the head; and the hair is much concealed by long, large puffs of blue Japanese gauze, and pink gauze riband.


A round dress of lavender gros de Naples, with a broad hem round the skirt, edged next to the feet by a row of white lace, of a very rich pattern: the broad hem headed by chain-work, formed of braiding.  The body made partially low, with an ornament round the bust in Spanish points; a double lace collar-pelerine, finished at the edges in the same style, covers the neck.  The sleeves are 'a la Mameluke, and are confined at the wrists by broad gold bracelets, fastened by a Cameo.  The bonnet is of Parma-violet gros de Naples, trimmed with oriental green riband and foliage.  The parasol is of the same green as the ribands on the bonnet.

 Modes de Paris


A pelisse of gros de Naples, of the green of the drake's neck, with a broad hem round the border of the skirt, headed by a rich fringe of the same colour with an open-work head.  The body made plain, with a triple cape-pelerine, each of the three rows edged with fringe, corresponding in workmanship with that on the skirt. Sleeves 'a la Mameluke.  Hat of salmon-coloured crape, trimmed with the same, and ornamented with white Canterbury bells.


A dress of white Organdy, finished at the border by a broad hem, surmounted by a rich pattern of beautiful embroidery.  A canezou-spencer of tulle, embroidered in different colours, is worn over this dress; with, occasionally, a scarf of the newest article lately manufactured at Lyons for those elegent appendages to the dress promenade; this is of celestial-blue, with a superb white border, consisting of two rows of silk clustered foliage.  A ruff of lace, with coloured ornaments en Chanille, encircles the throat.  The hair is arranged in full curls on each side of the face, under a hat of Canary-yellow crape, with puffs of broad yellow riband, trimmed with white blond, and ornamented by bunches of lilacs.






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