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A DRESS of pink satin, bordered by a broad hem, headed by a narrow rouleau, and large bows and ends of broad pink satin riband.  The body is laid in small, separate plaits, and the tucker part is surrounded by an ornament, finished in Spanish points of pink satin.  The sleeves are short, and of white crape, and over them fall, from the shoulders, points of pink satin; which; being fastened down at the termination of the sleeve, give to it the appearance of the slashed sleeves of the Spaniards: where they are fastened, each point is ornamented with a small rosette.  The head-dress consists of a toque, formed of puffs of blue and pink gauze, with feathers of the same colours.  Necklace of pearls, and ear-pendants of gold, with gold bracelets.


A dress of Merino, the colour of the lavender-blossom, bordered with a deep flounce, headed by a ruche.  Sleeves 'a-l'Amadis, with broad and tight gauntlet cuffs, fastened round the wrists by gold bracelets.  The body of the dress made 'a-l'Enfant, with a black velvet pelerine, over which is a pointed collar of richly embroidered muslin.  The hat, worn with this costume, is of black velvet, trimmed with lavender blossom and amber riband, in bows.

 Modes de Paris


A dress of celestial-blue cachemire, trimmed with rosettes and embossed foliage, in satin.  The body plain, made nearly as high as the throat, and the bust ornamented on each side with satin foliage.  A collar surmounts the corsage, round the throat, of the Vandyck kind, of blue satin, edged with narrow white blond.  The sleeves are 'a la Marie, with antique points at the wrists, and gold bracelets.  A hat is worn with this dress, of white satin, adorned with blue plumage.


A pelisse of plum-coloured gros de Naples, with a deep flounce round the border.  The body plain, and the sleeves en gigot, with coronet-bracelets of gold.  A long tippet with pelerine back, of marten-skin, or chinchilla; the throat encircled by an elegant bouffon net ruff, confined by points of painted satin.  White satin hat, ornamented with bows, and broad strings of white crape, embroidered in colours, and crowned in front by a long branch of blue bells. 




A DRESS of Merino, or poplin, of sage-green; the body made high, and slightly en gerbe; a lace pelerine is worn over the shoulders, which forms mancherons over the top of the sleeves; the pelerine is surmounted by a ruff, under which is a coloured sautoir, from whence is suspended an elegant souvenir of gold and enamel.  The skirt of the dress is bordered by a broad hem, headed by a rouleau, disposed in a fancy ornament, en serpentine, which is of satin, the same colour as the dress; the sleeves are 'a-l'Amadis, and are finished at the wrists by antique English points.  A black velvet bonnet is worn with this costume, trimmed with a riband to suit the colour of the gown, with hair stripes of black.


Over a slip of white satin, a dress of celestial-blue crepe-lisse, with one deep flounce round the border, delicately scalloped at the edge, and headed by a double row of embossed, round foliage, in satin.  The body made plain, and fitting tight to the shape, with a double falling tucker of blond round the bust.  The sleeves are very short, with notched mancherons, edged round by a quilling of narrow blond tulle.  The hair is arranged 'a la Greque, but the elevation on the summit of the head is brought forwarder than is usually observable in that style.  A few full  blown roses are mingled among the hair.  The ear-pendants and necklace are of fancy jewellery, or of very large pearls, which, in the necklace, consists of one row, separated each by small ones, in the form of leaves.


Modes De Paris


A DRESS of  rose-coloured gros de Naples, figured en colonnes, and bordered with a gauze flounce, bouillone', bound with satin.  The corsage fitting tight to the shape, made quite plain, with a broad falling tucker of blond.  The hair arranged in full curls on each side of the face, and short at the ears; the summit very much elevated, and the height considerably added to, by a group of flowers resembling a small basket-full.  Ear-pendants of Ceylon rubies and pearls; the necklace formed of three rows of pearls, fastened in the center by a large Ceylon-ruby.


A velvet pelisse, the colour of the Parma-violet; the border surrounded by a broad hem, headed by two narrow rouleaux, either of blue or green satin, set very close together; the sleeves en gigot, confined at the wrists by broad bracelets of gold, each fastened by a white agate, set in gold, 'a-l'Antique.  A long pelerine tippet of marten-skin is worn with this costume, concealing the corsage, which is made plain, and without any collar.  The hat is of black velvet, trimmed with Parma-violet satin riband, and crowned by a weeping-willow feather of light blue or green; the hat fastens under the chin with a mentonniere of blond.



A DRESS of bright jonquil satin, with a broad hem round the border, headed by a narrow rouleau.  From the waist descend three broad satin ribands, of the same colour, which, extending as they attain the border, are finished by very large, full-blown Provence roses and bows of jonquil riband.  The body is made plain to fit the shape, and pointed.  The sleeves short, with cleft mancherons.  The hair is arranged 'a la fantasia, with curls on one side of the face, and a Madonna braid on the other: a plait of hair crosses the upper part of the forehead, en bandeau, and tow large puffs of hair form the Apollo-knot on the summit of the head: beneath that on the right side is a full-blown rose, and in the division made by the two puffs, entirely on the summit, is a light-blue China-aster.  The ear-pendants are of pale gold; and a necklace, formed of twisted rows of pearls, is fastened in front with a cameo. 


A high dress of green satin, the colour of the young laurel-leaf; with a broad hem at the border, headed en Vandyke.  The body plain, with a fichu pelerine, trimmed round with a frill of satin, Sleeves 'a la Marmeluke, the fullness confined at the wrist by very broad bracelets of wrought gold.  A double ruff of blond encircles the throat.  The hat worn with this dress is of black velvet, trimmed at the crown with the same material, en fers de cheval, and blue riband, of which there are rosettes under the brim of the hat, mingled with the yellow; the rosettes composed of an equal quantity of the two ribands. 

 Modes de Paris


A pelisse of velvet, the colour of Parma-violet, with a broad hem at the border, headed by a rich silk cordon of the same colour as the pelisse.  The sleeves 'a la Mameluke, with a tight cuff at the wrist. A pelerine-cape, with a double ruche of black blond, falls over the back and shoulders, forming mancherons over the sleeves: the throat encircled by a triple ruff of stiffened gauze.  Hat of black velvet, crowned with white feathers.


A dress of gros des Indes, the colour ethereal blue, with two flounces at the border, en coquilles; and on each shell three leaves of embossed satin.  The body plain, with a zone, moderately pointed, and the waist shorter than it has of late been seen.  The sleeves short, and remarkably wide.  A deep falling tucker of rich blond, which, falling over the top of the sleeves, forms a kind of mancheron on each.  The hair is arranged in very full curls on each side of the face; and on the summit of the head is also a profuse quantity of curls clustered together.  The ornaments on the head consist of blue satin and strings of pearls.





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