A Chemise a la Reine

The dress in progress. I changed a few things before the final dress. I took out the top puff on the sleeves since I had it a little too high, and I redid the back, adding gathering below the straps. Of course, I also hemmed the dress, made a longer petticoat, added a flounce, made the sash...

I didn't take many pictures of construction. The first is of the tube of fabric that's the basis for the dress. I used four panels of fabric. The front is about five inches longer than the back, which doesn't make a train, but rather compensates for the height difference between the back and front of the dress. The picture shows the underarm and neckline scoops. The front of the dress is hemmed and made into a drawstring channel. I used silk ribbon from Farmhouse Fabrics for my drawstrings.

The back was then gathered to a band to fit. Then the shoulder straps and sleeves were sewn on. The waist casing was also added after the neckline was bound.

The hat. Lined in pink, of course :)

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