A Round Gown, c. 1760-1780

How It Works

This style of dress looks simple, but is really quite complicated. On the left is a picture from when I first start to put it on. There are ties on the back and the front of the skirt. The original didn't have ties coming from the back, but the dress needed something to hold the bodice in place, so I copied this feature from Regency era drop front dresses.
The first step is to tie the back ties. This holds the skirt firmly in place so it doesn't move when you tie the back ties.

Next, bring the ties from the front of the skirt around to the back and tighten them. This is easier to do with the bodice down, but I had already adjusted the cuffs on my shift, so didn't want to have to do it again!

Then tuck the ties inside the skirt. After this, pin the bodice shut as usual. I also like to put a pin in the sides of the bodice, where each waist tape starts, to keep it from shifting there.

The Dress

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