Why I made a page...

Why did you decide to make a webpage, you ask?  I hope the reasons are somewhat obvious, but I had a few specific things in mind.  First, I wanted to show my friends what I had made.  My friends from college all live about 2000 miles away, so the internet was the best way to show-off .

But most importantly, when I started to sew I wanted to see pictures of what other people had done.  Unfortunately, I didn't find many sites with detailed information, especially about the time periods that I'm interested in.  There are a lot of great resources out there (see my links page for some of them) but I wanted things like dress diaries and specific information about how things were made.  I also wanted pictures.  A LOT of pictures.  Which is why I have so many on my page.  As far as I know, besides Farthingale's, I'm the only page that has a picture of a reproduction Regency corset

So, I basically made a page that's like the page I wanted to find when I started sewing.  I hope you enjoy it and perhaps learn something from it.  It's a work in progress, I plan to document everything I make.  Some things in great detail, others just a few pictures.  That'll depend on the complexity of the project :) 



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