The Queen Magazine, August 30, 1873

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THIS SIMPLE COSTUME is made of beige of some neutral tint.  The skirt is plain; the ample tunic is looped up at the side with a bow, and ends of marron watered ribbon.  Small double-breasted paletot, with revers and deep cuffs.  It is fastened with brown wood buttons.  Pattern of paletot, 2s. 1d.; of skirt, 2s. 1d.; of tunic, 2s 1d. 


White pique' jacket, grey mohair frock, piped with blue.  The skirt is bordered all round with a deep flounce, and the tablier is trimmed with three narrower ones.  Two flounces form a festooned tunic at the back of the skirt, and are looped up with blue bows.  The white pique' jacket is trimmed with white muslin plaitings and embroidered insertion.  Pattern of jacket, 1s. 7d.; of skirt, 1s. 7d.


Grey tweed suit, trimmed with braid and buttons.  Open waistcoat and jacket, the latter having revers and deep cuffs; coloured shirt and watered silk necktie.  Patter of suit, 2s. 1d.



Vieugna cloth of a neutral shade is used for this costume.  The short skirt is bordered with a flounce mounted in triple plaits, and sen down with a crossband.  The tunic is bordered with crossband, which is also repeated on the talma.  Pattern of skirt, 2s. 7d.; of talma 7d.; of bodice, 2s.7d.



Fig. 1. Foulard Toilette.-The material is twilled foulard, the colour Russian grey.  Skirt trimmed en tablier, bordered with a deep flounce which is headed with two narrower ones, each fastened down with a band and plaiting.  The quilles at the sides are composed of narrow frills gathered under a torsade.  The back breadths are draped with a pouf.  Double-breasted bodice, fastened with oxydised silver buttons.  Wide sleeves with revers, and a plastron fraise of muslin and Valenciennes lace.  Pattern of skirt, 3s. 7d.; of bodice, 2s. 7d.

Fig.2. Ecru Batiste Dress-Plain demi-train skirt; tunic looped up with a pour at the back and open in front.  Square bodice with Louis XV. basques and pockets.  The upper part, which is tucked, is made of the same material as the skirt.  The entire costume is ornamented with embroidery of the same colour, but a slightly darker shade.  Pattern of skirt, 2s. 1d.; of tunic and bodice, 3s. 7d.


Fig. 1. Boy of Six.-Striped serge, short loose trousers and sailor jacket; band round the waist, pockets on the chest, and a large collar.  Pattern, 2s. 2d.

Fig. 2. Boy from Four to Six.-Holland or nanken suit, trimmed with white braid; short jacket with sailor collar.  Pattern of suit, 2s. 2d.

Fig. 3. Boy of Five.-The Milton suit, made of either blue serge or poplin, and trimmed with white braid; full plaited skirt mounted on a waistcoat; double-breasted paletot, with pockets and musketeer cuffs.  Pattern, 2s. 2d.

Fig. 4. Boy of Eight.-Seaside suit of white flannel, trimmed with blue braid and buttons.  Garde Francaise jacket opening over a Louis. XV. waistcoat; girdle over the waistcoat.  Pattern of suit, 2s. 2d. 


Fig. 1. Pale Blue Faille and Brocaded Tussah.-Demi-train skirt looped up en poof and trimmed at the back with a flounce headed with two bouillonnes.  The quilles of tussah at the sides are ornamented with the blue bows, and in front there are four bouillonnes. Sleeveless polonaise of brocaded tussah, crossing over the chest and fastened at the side.  It opens at the back to admit of the pouf of skirt being brought through.  The polonaise is scalloped all round and edged with guipure.  Lace fraise.  Pattern of polonaise, 3s. 1d.; of skirt, 3s. 1d.

Fig. 2. Maize Faille and Grenadine.-Faille skirt, bordered with a plaiting, headed with a bouillonne.  Above this faille bouillonne there is a row of lace headed with three grenadine bouillonnes.  Two faille pattes, one forming a point on the flounce, the other (which is smaller) on the lace, are trimmed with a faille plaiting and a grenadine bouillonne; a maize faille bow ornamenting the point.  The tablier is trimmed with faille plaitings and grenadine bouillonnes, and the tunic at the back is entirely of grenadine.  Henri III. sleeves and grenadine bodice.  Pattern of skirt and tunic, 4s. 7d.; of bodice, 2s. 7d.


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