The Picnic Dress Skirt

For once, I don't have a lot of pictures!  The construction of the skirt was so simple that I didn't really think to take any.  The skirt is made up of three layers of fabric, two chiffon, one voile.  The skirt is 3 panels wide.  All I did was sew the pieces together along the selvages (so there wasn't even a need for finishing the edges!) and left 9" open on one seam for a simple placket.  I then hand gathered the skirt (which I did take a picture of!) and sewed it to a waistband.  I prefer hand gathering because you have more control than you do machine gathering.  Or at least I do. I did accidentially cut one of my threads halfway though while trimming a lopsided piece of chiffon, but since it was a doubled thread and I only cut one strand, I kept using it.  It worked just fine :)

Gathering the skirt.  It's a little hard to see since the picture is blurry, but it's just two rows of running stitches.

Here are a few fabric pictures.  Most of this fabric seen below was used in the dress!  The skirt has almost 7 yards of chiffon and 3 1/3 yards voile.  The chemise uses about 2 yards of chiffon and 1 of voile.

The dyed chiffon in the sink.  I loved the way it looked so I took a picture.  This is the final rinse.  I cut the chiffon into panels before I dyed it.  I figured dealing with 40" panels would be easier than dealing with a 9 piece.  I figured 5 extra inches would allow for shrinkage.  When the fabric dried though, it was about 5 inches too short.  Needless to say I was a little worried.  Fortunately, once I ironed it it sprung back into shape.  Whew :)



The chiffon before dyeing.

The voile before prewashing.  I left this white.


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