Links to Other Picnic Dress Sites

I'm not the only one who decided to recreate this dress!  Below are other sites that feature the Picnic Dress.


The Padawan's Guide to Padme Amidala

Great information and pictures of all of Padme's Episode II dresses.  I think I'll be making the silver Senate/packing dress next :)

Ferdalump Frumps

Jennifer's beautiful version of the picnic dress.  She also has the black corset dress and more dresses on the way!  Be sure to take a look at her Titanic dresses as well...

The Padme Skywalker Archives

Great advice for making the dress, information on costumes and a Jedi robe tutorial!

Obi-Dawn's Costume Page

Obi-Dawn's first version of the dress.  She's making it again to get a more accurate version.  Her first version is lovely though!  Be sure to check out her second headband, made with the same ribbon as the original!

Liann's Picnic Dress

Liann's dress is stunning and incredibly accurate!  See it here!

The Jedi Council Forum at The

If you have a question this is the place to go.  It's also fun (and rather educational) to just go through the old posts. (20 pages worth as I type this...)

Padme's Picnic Dress Version 2.0 at

The continuation of the original thread with Obi-Dawn Kenobi's excellent summary of the first thread .


Do you know of another Picnic Dress site or have one of your own?  I'd love to know!  Email me and I'll post it here...

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