My Picnic Dress

My finished dress!!! The final count for fabric was 10 yards in the skirt (3 1/3 yard in each layer, 2 layers of chiffon, one of voile), a yard of embroidered organza for the cape, a yard of coutil for the corset, half a yard of embroidered dupioni for the corset, 1/2 yard sateen for the corset and about 3 yards of chiffon and one yard of voile for the chemise, so 15 yards in all.  A lot, but still quite far from the 50 yards used in the original!

A full length view.  The wind picked up a little for this picture. 

And the view from behind...


The view from behind without the cape.  Lacing wasn't part of the original dress, but I really like hte way that it looks, so decided to include it!  Anyway, it makes fitting easier and with spiral lacing I can get into it myself.  Still need help with the ribbons on the arm though!

And the dress without the cape.  I love the way it looks without the cape too!

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