The Lady's Monthly Museum

or Polite Repository of Amusement and Instruction: Being an Assemblage of whatever can tend to please the Fancy and interest the Mind or exalt the Character of The British Fair

By a Society of Ladies Vol. XVI London Published by Vernor and Hood Jany. 1. 1806

Cabinet of Fashion

With Elegant Coloured Plates

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On the left:  Walking Dress  A Green Velvet Hat, turned up in Front, and edged with White Swandown, ornamented with a Green Velvet Flower.  A Pelisse of Green Velvet, with Bishop's Sleeves, trimmed with Black Lace.  Habit Shirt of clear Muslin; Swandown Tippet.  Buff Boots.

Full Dress. Head fashionably dressed, ornamented with a Silver Wreath and Heron's Feathers.  Walking Dress of clear Muslin; a deep Lace let in round the Bottom.  A Robe of Crimson Satin, edged round with White Swandown, full Sleeves, looped up with a Diamond Button.  White Muff, Gloves and Shoes.   
 On the right: Walking Dress. Bonnet of Blue Velvet, with White Ostrich Feather.  Spencer of Blue Velvet, trimmed with Swandown.  Round Dress of Cambric Muslin, with a Lace Flounce.  Boots Blue.  Buff Gloves; and Swandown Muff.

Full Dress. Fashionable Head Dress, ornamented with Oak Leaves.  Curricle of Leno, trimmed with deep Lace, and embroidered with Oak Leaves, over a train of Devonshire Brown Sarsenet, with White Sleeves.  Buff Gloves and Swandown Tippet.


On the left: Walking Dress. A Bonnet of Plum-colored Velvet.  Spencer of the same; high Collar, and full Sleeves.  A Mantle of Georgian embroidered Cloth over a Walking Dress of Cambric Muslin.  Buff Gloves, and Boots.

Full Dress. Cap and Veil ornamented with a Band of Plum colored Figured Velvet.  Dress of Pale Blue Muslin.  WHite Muff, and Gloves.  Pearl Armlets.  White Shoes.

Note.  The Subscribers to The Lady's Montly Museum will please to observe, that the Writing Engraver, through mistake, has applied the Words "FULL DRESS" to the Walking Dress; and "WALKING DRESS" to the Full Dress; which was not discovered till too late for Alteration.

On the right: Walking Dress. Straw Hat, trimmed with Swandown.  Pelisse of Black Velvet, with a deep Lace round the Bottom.   Swandown Tippet.  Half Habit Shirt.  Buff Gloves.

Full Dress. Hair fashionably drest;  ornamented with a Silver Wreath.  A Train of Pink Muslin; full Sleeves, looped up to the Shoulder, thrimmed round the Bottom and Bosom with deep Lace; Pic-Nic Sleeves.  White Shoes, Fan, and Ridicule.


On the left: Walking Dress. Curricle of Lace, over a Round Fress of White Sarsnet.  Spencer of Green Sarsnet.  Straw Bonnet.  Buff Gloves, and Shoes.  Beaver Hat.  Lindian Long Shawl.  Cambric Walking Dress, with a Lace Ruff.

Full Dress. Head fashionably drest, with a Band of Embroidered Lace.  Dress of White Sarsnet, trimmed with Point.  Robe of Pink Crape.  White Shoes, and Gloves. 

On the right: Walking Dress. Short Dress of Straw-colored Muslin, trimmed with Broad Lace, and Silk Tassels.  Spanish Cloak, of White Lace; Chip Hat, trimmed with a Wreath of Leaves; Buff Gloves.

Full Dress. Head fashionably drest, ornamented witha  Crape Handkerchief, with a Painted Bandeau.  Dress of White Sarsnet, with lont Train, trimmed down the Front, and round the Bottom, with Point Lace.  Shawl of Violet-colored Silk, and White Kid Gloves.

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