Godey's Lady's Book, November 1865

Robe Dress

(From the celebrated establishment of Messrs. A.T. STEWART & Co., of New York.)

The dress is of a rich violine purple wool material, with a bordering in black, representing velvet and buttons.  The paletot is of velvet trimmed with a heavy cord and large jet buttons.

 Robe Dress

(From the celebrated establishment of Messrs. A.T. STEWART & Co., of New York.)

Gray skirt, with fancy trimming stamped in black.  Short sack, of a darker gray cloth, trimmed with black velvet and jet buttons.  Turban of black felt, trimmed with a black tuft and a long white plume.

The Regency Sack.

Sack made of purple velvet cloth, and heavily trimmed with black  braid and jet ornaments.  The front of the sack besides being trimmed with braid and jet ornaments has knotted straps of silk cord.  Waterfall bonnet of white silk, dotted with black beads, and trimmed with scarlet velvet.

The Metternich Sack.

This wrap is out of black velvet cloth, ornamented with bands of black velvet braided with white cord.  The velvet trimming forms a kind of yoke at the back, each end being finished with chenille tassels.  The cloth is laid in a large box-plait at the center of the back.

The Cordeliere Cloak.

This wrap is of violet cloth, made in the bournous style, and simply ornamented with a heavy chenille trimming on the back.

Cloth Sack.

Our model is of heavy gray velvet cloth, bound with black braid, and trimmed with fancy black cord and chenille ornaments.  The sack fits the figure tightly in the back, and is perfectly loose in front.  The sleeves are quite tight, and of the coat form.  We give the front and back view.

 Preparing for a Tableau.

Not a fashion plate, but still an interesting picture.

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