Godey's Lady's Book, May 1866

 Robe Dress

(From the celebrated establishment of Messrs. A.T. STEWART & Co., of New York.)

Skirt of fawn colored de laine, bordered on the edge by a wide band of rich blue headed by a narrow stripe of gold-color and black.  Above this band are festoons of gray flowers, caught up by medallions.  Over the plain fawn-colored corsage is a jacket of black de laine, trimmed with a band of gold-color and black.

Evening Dress.

(From the establishment of T.W. Evans & Co., 818 and 820 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia.)

Dress of white tarlatane, richly trimmed with a waved band of maize tarlatane, edged with black lace.  The sprays are embroidered with black and white floss, and the flowers are formed of maize colored tarlatane.

 Misses' Walking Suit.

Gray Linsey, ornamented with black velvet and larger mother-of-pearly buttons.

Greek Coiffure.

(Front and Back view.)

The coiffure requires no frisettes, and is both simple and elegant.  The back hair is tied rather high, and as tightly as possible; it is then divided into two equal portions, which are both plaited.  The first is arranged into two loops: the second forms the third loop, and is then twisted round the chignon and fastened underneath.  The front hair is disposed in waved bandeaux; if the hair is not sufficiently long and thick to form the plaited coronet with the end of the bandeaux, a false plaite is added and fastened under the chignon.

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