October 1883 Godey's Lady's Book

Below are all the fashion plates from the October 1883 Godey's Lady's Book, Bijou Edition.  The Bijou Edition is a sample issue and one quarter the size of a regular issue.  It measures 3" by 4.5".  The print is tiny :) .  Enjoy!  

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Description of Steel Plates

The dress on the left is on my "I'll make it someday" list :) I actually have all the patterns, it's just that I want to find that wonderfully tacky striped floral print in the skirt!

Fig. 1.-Walking dress, made of Havana brown ottoman silk; the underskirt is made of striped silk, with damasse' figures laid in large box pleats with a narrow plaited ruffle edging it; over this is a panier drapery of the plain brown.  Plain jacket bodice, with heart-shaped trimming upon it.  Velvet bonnet lined with shirred velvet, and trimmed with flowers and ribbon. 

Fig. 2.-Walking dress of garnet ottoman silk, make with a kilted skirt.  Blouse coat, made of Electric-blue ottoman, with skirt plaited all around; and in the front and back of bodice, high shoulder seams, standing up sleeves.  A ribbon passes around the waist, fastened at the left side with a handsome ornament.  Electric blue velvet bonnet, faced with garnet velvet and trimmed with handsome bird and velvet.

Fig. 3.-Walking dress of olive-green cloth; the underskirt is box plaited, with a narrow-plaited ruffle below the edge, which is cut in points.  The drapery is fastened on the bodice, and is trimmed with a band of embossed velvet, cuffs, and collar of the same.  Velvet bonnet, trimmed with satin surah, flowers, and feathers.

Fig. 4.-Evening dress of pale-blue surah and flamasse'; the front of the skirt is trimmed with several ruffles, above which it is embroidered with pearls; the front of the low corsage corresponds; the remainder of the corsage, and aids and back of skirt, are of blue and silver damasse'.

Fig. 5.-Dinner dress, made of chaudron, surah and damasse'.The underskirt is made of the plain surah, trimmed with seven kilted ruffles.  The princess overdress is of the damasse', with plaits trimming the front of the bodice.  Ribbon fastened around the waist, and tied at left side.

Fig. 6.-House dress of tourterlle gros grain and damasse'.  The underskirt is trimmed with a kilting; the front os of the damasse', and falls over the kilting in points.  The side and back of the skirt is formed of deep kilts, with double draper of plaits, one row coming below the pointed bodice.  Vest of the damasse' silk in bodice.  All the costumes illustrated upon the colored figures are made out of the American silks manufactured by John N. Stearns & Co., New York.

Description of Fashions


Fig. 1.-Walking dress of smoke-color cloth: the skirt is box plaited with a double row of braid put on in a pattern between each plait, the skirt is draped across the front and knotted at the left side.  Plain pointed bodice with collar and cuffs braided.  Velvet and lace bonnet.

Fig. 2.-Walking dress of prune-color silk; the skirt is kilted, with bouffant drapery in the back.  Brocaded velvet cloak, trimmed with chenille fringe and feather trimming.  Velvet bat, trimmed with satin, velvet, and feather.

Fig. 3.-Black Velvet Bonnet, trimmed with lace, flowers, and a bunch of ostrich feathers.

Fig. 4.-Bonnet made of olive surah satin trimmed with velvet and flowers.

Fig. 5.-Hat made of brown felt trimmed with velvet and gayly colored bird. 

Fig. 6.-Bonnet made of black lace: shirred and jetted with beads, and trimmed with lace and flowers.

Fig. 7.-Walking dress made of brown nonpareil velveteen; the skirt is trimmed with two narrow plaitings headed by a box plaited ruffle and trimmed with satin ribbon rosettes and long loop and end.  The drapery is short, and bouffant sewed on to the plain pointed bodice.  High shoulders, plain sleeve, rosettes on the shoulders.  Brown velvet bonnet, trimmed with feathers.

Fig. 8.-Visiting dress made of dark garnet, plaid and woven broche' nonpareil velveteen, manufactured by Shaen &Fithian, 55 Leonard St, N.Y., as is also Fig. 7. The front of the skirt is edged with narrow plaitings of the plain goods, with the broche' above them and a puff of the plain.  The bodice is a dep jacket of the plain goods with a band of the broche' around the front, the skirt of the plain goods being gathered on the back.  Shoulder cape of the broche'.  Velvet bonnet, trimmed with ostrich feathers, velvet, and gilt ornaments.

Fig. 9.-Walking dress of grey ottoman silk and brocaded velvet; the front of the skirt is trimmed with two narrow plaitings, the skirt falling over them cut in points, the back of skirt is plain, with large puff.  The bodice and plain drapery of skirt are made of embossed velvet.  Silk bonnet with chenille crown, trimmed with feathers.

Fig. 10.-Walking dress of Havana brown English serge; the skirt is laid in large box plaits, each one embroidered; the drapery is short in front, faced on the back with velvet.  Basque bodice cut in turrets, trimmed with embroidery; velvet vest and velvet coming below turrets.  Velvet bonnet, trimmed with bird and feathers.

Fig. 11 and 12.-Front and back view of cloak for a child of seven years, made of cloth, trimmed with passementerie cord and buttons, plush collar, cuffs and pockets.

Fig. 13.-Fashionable mode of trimming dress sleeve with velvet cuff and ribbon bow.

Fig. 14.-Fashionable dress sleeve trimmed with a cuff and shirring.

Fig. 15.-Lady's morning slipper made of blue quilted satin, trimmed with a band of velvet and velvet bow.

Fig. 16.-Autumn mantle made of fancy tweed or reversible cloth trimmed with horn buttons and satin ribbon to match.  It is a sleeveless paletot with cape; the back of the basque is box plaited and the cape is draped.  Full size cut paper pattern is given of this mantle.

Fig. 17.-Fancy ruche and collar fastened by a ribbon bow.

Fig. 18.-Jabot and military collar; the collar is made of velvet, the jabot of crepe de chine, trimmed with lace and satin ribbon rosette.

Fig. 19.-Jabot and collar made of black lace, trimmed with black or colored satin ribbon bow.

Fig. 20-Evening dress for young lady, made of chaudron red ottoman silk and damasse'.  The underskirt is of the damasse', the short panier overskirt and bodice are of the ottoman.  The bodice is cut in tabs looped up; it is cut with revers collar, the space filled in with lace and ribbon bows.  The sleeves are trimmed to correspond.

Fig. 21.-Lady's shopping and traveling cloak made of grey tweed, trimmed with braid and tassels.

Fig. 22.-Fancy silver pin with a beetle upon it in colors.

Fig. 23.-Silver lace pin with rabbit's head.

Fig. 24.-Horse-shoe pin, the horse-shoe of gold, the nails' heads being composed of diamonds, the horse's head in the centre.

Fig. 25.-Pansy pin of enamel with diamond in it's centre.

Fig. 26 and 27.-Front and back view of lady's walking dress, made of cashmere; the skirt is composed of three kilted ruffles, with panier drapery fastened by a ribbon bow.  Plain bodice, sleeves with large puff at the armhole.  Velvet bonnet, trimmed with satin bead ornaments, pompons, feathers, and flowers.

Fig. 28.-Walking dress for girl of ten years: the paletot is made of navy blue cloth, bound with silk braid, a double cape upon it.  Cottage bonnet made of silk, with shirred velvet inside.

Fig. 29.-Wrap for girl of seven years, made of grey cheviot; it is shirred both back and front.  Felt hat trimmed with velvet and buckle. 

Fig. 30.-Ecru cloth coat for girl, made sacque shape in front, tight fitting in the back to the waist, where a kilted skirt is added on.  Ecru felt hat, trimmed with brown velvet and ecru and brown feathers.

Fig. 31.-Knickerbocker suit for boy of eight years, made of plaid cheviot; felt hat.

Fig. 32.-Suit for boy of four years, short pants and box-plaited blouse, made of white flannel; sailor hat.

Fig. 33.-Walking suit for little girl; the coat dress is made of black velveteen, gored front, kilted upon the sides, and double box plaits in the centre of back.  Black velvet hat.

Fig. 34.-Walking suit for little girl; the cloak is made of green and blue plaid cloth, with waist and box-plaited skirt; large cape trimmed with braid.  Blue velvet-shirred bonnet, trimmed with silk pompons.



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